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Does your business needs an outside pair of hands to handle your accounting needs? No matter what the business size and activity you have, we, BDM Consultancy can help. Have you thought of outsourcing your book keeping and accounting need? We are accountants and know how to handle your accounting needs inside and out. We can help you prepare and compile your financial data. And then analyze it to see what it means for your business. Whether you are looking for help for a short time period or ongoing basis, we can fulfill your needs.

By outsourcing your accounting and book keeping needs, you can concentrate on your business. At BDM Consultancy we use our experience and expertise to work for you. With our knowledge of your company, we can tailor your outsourcing needs such as recommend the appropriate accounting system.

Our area of expertise includes but is not limited to:

Streamline the accounts
Monthly/quarterly reports with analysis
Control receivables, inventory and assets

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