Management Consulting

BDM consultancy is available to assist its clients in their operational, financial and project management needs. We help you by giving effective advice and assist you in making sure that your plan is carried out in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

Business planning for the future is one of the most important and toughest tasks for business owners. We have the experience in providing advice and consultancy services to businesses of varying sizes, and at different stages of their growth and development. We can help you to maximise your organization’s growth and profit, and realize your true potential and vision.

The right corporate structure is required for successfully executing any business plan. The right structure depends on various factors. We will get a thorough understanding of both your short and long business goals and needs. We then recommend the structure that will best deliver your targets.

We provide the following consulting services and solutions to start-ups as well as established companies and organizations

Project feasibility study

Company liquidation/ deregistration

PRO services

Management restructuring

ERP solutions and accounting software implementations

Cash flow forecasts

Finance planning

Costing and analysis

Asset management

Design of organizational frame work& personnel responsibilities

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