Trading Companies

We at BDM Consultancy have a niche in the trading industry. Apart from providing accounts and reports under which we compile the accounts and finalisation, we carry out surgical review of operations. We tell you which part of your operations are the profitable or are low profit centers. We carry out profitability analysis by customer, products, departments and region. Ratio analyses and their comparison with industry standards show you the road map to success. We also help to create flexible operations that enable rapid response to changing customer demands and market opportunities.

Construction Industry

In each of our accounting and consulting engagements, we go out of the way to analyse your profitability by jobs. We also help you in preparation of feasibility studies for your new projects. We focus on the budget cost and variance from the budget amount of the projects, analyse its reasons and report for management purposes. It enables to save your project cost by focus to cut on excessive expenditures. We also help to formulate strategies in the changed economic situations.

Manufacturing Industry

We specialize in cost analysis of a manufactured product including raw-materials, labour, fuel, machineries and other direct cost. It helps you to implement the steps for the cost control, fixing profitability and its selling price. This shows the optimum level of production in a prevailed infrastructure and market possibilities.

Other Industries:

We at BDM Consultancy offer the accounting and management services to the other industrial clients in UAE
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