Corporate Finance

We understand your needs to grow and expand to other markets. We are able to establish optimal proportions between equity and debt, as well as adopt most favourable forms of financing. Our experienced corporate financial professionals are here for you: whether you need advice in expanding your business or spin-offs, raising capital.

Our team at BDM Consultancy provides you with a full range of specialist corporate finance advice to help you achieve your business aspirations, whether it is for working capital facility, trade finance, term loan finance, asset backed lending, or project finance.We provide support services such as structuring and critical evaluation of short, medium and long term financial requirement and preparing the financial plans.

Our service assistance includes, but not limited to;

Structuring financing packages

Bank loan applications

Managing documentation for finance facilities

Mergers and acquisitions

Business re-valuation

Letter of credit, Trust receipts, Over draft, Bills discounting

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