Arranging Audit Services

Compilation of accounts and documents for the Annual Audit is one of our core services. We arrange for your company’s financial audit services. We have associations with some audit firms in UAE, through which we can arrange audit for your company, the audit may be for a small, medium or large firm depending on your requirements.

We ascertain your accounting policies, valuation methods and calculations and help you to switch your accounts into the international generally accepted accounting principles. Our team with the business oriented approach focuses on an understanding of the client’s business much deeper than the knowledge of the accounting system and records that makes them more alert to problems and opportunities from a management and commercial perspective.

The broad-based experience of our team can often lead to the identification of opportunities in areas such as improved efficiency, fund control, or organizational duplication which can have a substantial effect on profitability.We believe approach for each of our audit services should be tailored to client’s individual needs; provide access to the highest level of advice in a manner that is always friendly and practical.Our solutions are cost effective for you, because of our efficiency, accuracy, accounting know-how and our ability to interpret your financial data.

Our area of expertise includes
but is not limited to:

Arranging audit services

Compile financial information

Finalization of the accounts

Cash flow

Equity statement

Prepare schedules and audit notes

Inventory audit

Review financial statements

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